We are Independents

December 7, 2010

We are independents,
Enticed by emancipation,
As we are self-ruled for freedom,
Regulated rebelliously,
Evert by the effervescent events,
In the preambles of the past.

Now and afar,
Declarations are declared,
Eminent to prestige,
Perilous to patriotism,
En route to idealism, and
Nested upon the wings of law.

Democracy is bloomed like a dahlia,
Embarked to its descretion,
Never afflicted by dissection,
To be legislated in liberty,
Sewing up the preambles of the past.


Descriptive Paragraph 2

June 16, 2010

Comfortably resting on the outside, a wire is seeking sympathy on the inside. For in this distinguished wire half full of discreet descriptions hides an adventure half empty of embezzled expressions. Snap-crackle-pop goes the information twiddling and twittering as it seethes through the veins of this process without hindering. A bit of data bites a byte of details in a prolonged prologue of comprehension to the death. The movement embarked in this motion electrifies a storm of compulsive consumption in order to deliver what is demanded and all the while, the outside remains calm and collected. It is at this point that the knowledge has bypassed its ports en route to be routed for a secured cache of memory. The wire has broken its boundaries and therefore executed its task to transfer the meaning of meaning to a more meaningful manner.

Descriptive Paragraph

June 16, 2010

The moon’s glow, magnified by its desperate aura of tranquility, corroded the blackened night sky alongside nearby stars that deliberately observed and mourned to the treacherous tragedy happening below. Somewhere in this filthy world, the soul of a fire seeking revenge escaped its realm and was pouring its power onto the flawed wood in which it graced and corrupted its sin upon. In agony and sorrow, people gazed at the sparkles of sparks, flashing flares, and the collections of cursed smoke and dust that reached out of its territorial dominance as if this place was a plane for playing. A loud bang occurred sounding the drums of battle for which a war cry of water would soon wash away and cleanse this heavy night for the moon to once again paint the atmosphere with peace.

Art Story

June 3, 2010

Life starts with a raindrop of creation. From this creation is born a breathing ounce of future ideas, imagination, and an infinite amount of inspiration. We as humans are delivered here to paint pictures for a more colorful tomorrow. It is only the process of this adventure that each one of us must bloom from and define no limits to the capabilities we can create.

As for myself, I started this path at a very young age drawing, visualizing, painting, and building. These talents have always been some of my core learning blocks to leading me to where I am today. From the classrooms to the playgrounds, I was always inspired by what I saw. The artist in me would manipulate whatever lessons were presented into a more vivid concept using my natural creativity.

My passion further grew within me as I reached junior high school. Multimedia and technology became a section of my daily lifestyle alongside traditional drawing. It was these years that I really grew toward a more artistic lifestyle by learning technology, designs, and media in and out of the classrooms. Such examples of this would be video editing, studying computers, and sketching 2D surfaces of objects and ideas. I later on took a large interest in web site layouts, architecture, and animation.

As I reached high school, I eventually built my first computer and became deeply entranced by the online digital art world. Graphic design, typography, web design, and even digital music composition evolved during these four years. Not only did I practice and learn these subjects in school, but in my spare time as a hobby through expression. With all of these skills inking out of me every week, I then realized I was a very artistic individual in the online multimedia and design world.

After graduation, I sought out to attend the place I best fit in – the Art Institute of Dallas/Ft. Worth. After deliberate struggles and minor setbacks, I’ve finally come back to my creative side and it’s safe to say my adventure is ready to continue towards a career. After all – creativity is created, not planned.

November the 5th – V for Vendetta

June 2, 2010

This was a piece of digital art I created a long time ago when first getting introduced to the field. I was inspired heavily by the movie “V for Vendetta”, particularly the ending scene of the clock tower being symbolized as a “new beginning” as it ruptured in front of the country. I chose to include this because I recently wrote a screening report for it. Enjoy!

V for Vendetta – Screening Report

A man hidden behind a mask by the name of V rescues a young lady whom learns the truth about the Great Britain government. In relation to V’s point of view, she carries on his mission of terrorism to reshape the country.

In V for Vendetta, the plot in itself is superior to a lot of films released today. It displays how one person can turn back the hands of time for a better tomorrow. In this sense, the plot translates the moral of the film visually. The cunning action blended with riddles and twists paints the plot’s canvas full of color, yet keeps the mood and theme vague and natural. With that stated, I recommend anyone who has not experienced this moving film to witness it. It has depth. It portrays contrast. It shows reality can be realized through fantasy.

Narrative Essay – Writing

June 2, 2010

Growing up as a child, I almost always took a great interest in technology. From gadgets to gizmos, they all caught my attention. The one technology I’ve always enjoyed the most, however, is the computer. I am capable of obtaining and completing many tasks and goals by utilizing this tool. With that said, I’ve recently set out to eventually become a web designer/administrator. In order to achieve this goal, I believe the right education, practice and experience, along with a solid network foundation are keys for success.


When I chose to pursue this path, the first idea to come to mind was a proper education. As bold as it seems, I set forth to find a school that would fit my needs to obtain a degree. I began this search by first attending a community college. However, I soon became aware that I was in the wrong neck of the woods. Within a few months, I once again stepped out for the right education. After much research and interviewing, I settled on the Art Institute. I feel the Art Institute delivers the exact skills necessary in a format that I can relate to and understand with relative ease.

Practice and Experience

As with anything in life, it takes practice and experience. My goal is to become a proficient at web design, as if it were second nature. The only way I can achieve that goal is to dedicate myself to learning all I can about the industry. Since I began experimenting with online digital art, I have always felt at ease and content with my personal art projects. I’ve studied and taught myself many variations of digital art since I was introduced to it back in high school. Through practice and experience, however, my ideas have painted my lifestyle online to a virtual canvas. My knowledge gained at the Art Institute will help improve that picture to a more realistic atmosphere by releasing my skills to the industry world.

Network Foundation

With my many years involved with web media and art, I have already built a starting network foundation toward my future. Although education and experience are important factors for web design, a lack of communication with people mutilates the online environment into null. My research and communication with others associated with the field has helped me to better understand this concept. Much like other programs in the industry of media arts, the mass majority of web designers share an establishment of ideas and communication with each other both in the real and online world. Such connections have varied from PDA’s and interactive cell phones to social networking websites like Facebook. It is because of these tools and ideas that people like web designers can connect to each other more than ever to achieve a human network of success.

As a web designer in the future, an education, practice and experience, and established network foundation will all set the stones for my daily life. Education will still carry on after graduation as technology continues to change and be explored. Practice and experience will become a natural routine to follow in and out of the workforce. As for networking with others, it will deliver itself onto clients and clients of clients. These are the steps and elements to becoming a successful web designer.