November the 5th – V for Vendetta

June 2, 2010

This was a piece of digital art I created a long time ago when first getting introduced to the field. I was inspired heavily by the movie “V for Vendetta”, particularly the ending scene of the clock tower being symbolized as a “new beginning” as it ruptured in front of the country. I chose to include this because I recently wrote a screening report for it. Enjoy!

V for Vendetta – Screening Report

A man hidden behind a mask by the name of V rescues a young lady whom learns the truth about the Great Britain government. In relation to V’s point of view, she carries on his mission of terrorism to reshape the country.

In V for Vendetta, the plot in itself is superior to a lot of films released today. It displays how one person can turn back the hands of time for a better tomorrow. In this sense, the plot translates the moral of the film visually. The cunning action blended with riddles and twists paints the plot’s canvas full of color, yet keeps the mood and theme vague and natural. With that stated, I recommend anyone who has not experienced this moving film to witness it. It has depth. It portrays contrast. It shows reality can be realized through fantasy.


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