Art Story

June 3, 2010

Life starts with a raindrop of creation. From this creation is born a breathing ounce of future ideas, imagination, and an infinite amount of inspiration. We as humans are delivered here to paint pictures for a more colorful tomorrow. It is only the process of this adventure that each one of us must bloom from and define no limits to the capabilities we can create.

As for myself, I started this path at a very young age drawing, visualizing, painting, and building. These talents have always been some of my core learning blocks to leading me to where I am today. From the classrooms to the playgrounds, I was always inspired by what I saw. The artist in me would manipulate whatever lessons were presented into a more vivid concept using my natural creativity.

My passion further grew within me as I reached junior high school. Multimedia and technology became a section of my daily lifestyle alongside traditional drawing. It was these years that I really grew toward a more artistic lifestyle by learning technology, designs, and media in and out of the classrooms. Such examples of this would be video editing, studying computers, and sketching 2D surfaces of objects and ideas. I later on took a large interest in web site layouts, architecture, and animation.

As I reached high school, I eventually built my first computer and became deeply entranced by the online digital art world. Graphic design, typography, web design, and even digital music composition evolved during these four years. Not only did I practice and learn these subjects in school, but in my spare time as a hobby through expression. With all of these skills inking out of me every week, I then realized I was a very artistic individual in the online multimedia and design world.

After graduation, I sought out to attend the place I best fit in – the Art Institute of Dallas/Ft. Worth. After deliberate struggles and minor setbacks, I’ve finally come back to my creative side and it’s safe to say my adventure is ready to continue towards a career. After all – creativity is created, not planned.


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