Descriptive Paragraph 2

June 16, 2010

Comfortably resting on the outside, a wire is seeking sympathy on the inside. For in this distinguished wire half full of discreet descriptions hides an adventure half empty of embezzled expressions. Snap-crackle-pop goes the information twiddling and twittering as it seethes through the veins of this process without hindering. A bit of data bites a byte of details in a prolonged prologue of comprehension to the death. The movement embarked in this motion electrifies a storm of compulsive consumption in order to deliver what is demanded and all the while, the outside remains calm and collected. It is at this point that the knowledge has bypassed its ports en route to be routed for a secured cache of memory. The wire has broken its boundaries and therefore executed its task to transfer the meaning of meaning to a more meaningful manner.


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